Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet the Photographer

My name is ECH and capturing that special moment for you is what I feel that I do best. When trusting your timeless memories to someone you need to make sure the decision you make is the right one.
First things first……… should be fun, enjoyable and exciting for you. I want you to enjoy being in the picture as much as I enjoy taking it. This is about you and what you want. I am simply the photographer who will allow you to show the world something very special.

I am fascinated by the constant changing landscape of emotion that can be found on the human face. A photo is a slice of life, but yet it is simply a tiny fraction of a second that existed at a certain place and time, and which forever after is a memory, nothing more than a small piece of history in the lives of the people who were there.  I love to shoot weddings and portraits of all kinds because these things are about life. I think it’s a noble profession to capture and preserve the important moments in a person’s life.  And it’s an honor to be selected to do it.  I am a photographer and not a videographer because it is this ‘moment in time” aspect of photography that fascinates me

If we work together I think you will see that what I will look for is more than your normal images. I want to show you what you did not see………

Your world, through my eyes



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